Needle & Thread VIP Option

Welcome to the best of the best. This VIP Option from Needle & Thread employs only the best cinematographers in the industry. They have over one hundred weddings under their belt minimum and are leaders in the industry.

This Option is perfect for wedding celebrations that are going all out. We have built this Option knowing it is the best offerings to value on the market. It offers more than any other of other packages on the market and has the best Wedding Cinematographers filming. This is the best of best.


Whats included in our VIP Option:

  • 12 Hours of Premier Wedding Coverage applied where
  • 1 Needle & Thread 100+ Wedding Lead Cinematographer
  • 2 Needle & Thread Trained 50+ Wedding Supporting Cinematographers  
  • 4K Ariel Drone Package
  • GoPro Party Cam**
  • “Your Story By You” Audio Edited Into Final Film**
  • Professionally Edited Highlight Film (3-5 minutes) by Needle & Thread Lead Editor
  • Professionally Edited Documentary Film (40-60 minutes) by Needle & Thread Lead Editor
  • Instagram Film (:15 seconds)
  • Uncut Ceremony from 4 Angles
  • 4 DVD and/or BluRay Release of Highlight Films with Documentary Edit
  • Digital Copies of both Highlight Film and Documentary Film 
  • VIP Planning with Needle & Thread Administration
  • Cell Phone Access to Lead Cinematographer for pre-wedding planning
  • Peach Linen DVD packaging and custom Peach Linen Box
  • 25+ Printed Stills from Footage  



**GoPro Party Cam is handed out to the bridal party to allow them to capture your wedding from their perspective. Since a bridal party feels more comfortable opening up to each other this is our proven method to get more candid and uncensored footage from a bridal party

**”Your Story By You” is your love story told by you. We send out a series of questions well before your wedding date and ask that you and your fiancé record the answers through an iPhone or computer sending us the file when finished. This allows our Lead editor to cut portions of your story in throughout the footage we gather on the wedding day. It paints a beautiful picture of your relationship.  

Photos on this page provided by Austin GrosJessica Lorren (top to bottom)