Needle & Thread has Options available from $1800 to $7000. Custom Options are available and we can accommodate almost any budget. Chances are, we have a team in, or near, your city cutting down on travel costs. 


Highlight Film - All Options

A Needle & Thread Highlight Film is around 3-5 minutes and is exactly that, a highlight of all the best parts of your wedding day. We spend many hours putting together a story that is uniquely you. 

Check out Ross & Jackie who has a reception that was absolutely hilarious. The ground got soaked and everyone just decided to take their shoes off, roll their pants up, and get muddy!  


A Needle & Thread Documentary Film is much more in depth than a highlight film. We include different story telling techniques based on the Option that is chosen. The Film includes your Ceremony shot from multiple angles (based on your Option) and has interviews, Party Cam footage, "Your Story, By You" footage, all the toasts, and a good majority of the B-Roll that we shot of your wedding day. It covers your story like no other film will. We guarantee it will in your family for generations to come.