We Are Needle + Thread

Needle + Thread was started in 2010 by Kappel and Lauren Cloninger.  What a second, why am I typing this in third person?  If we’re going to be honest we started Needle + Thread by accident. Over the past few years we both Lauren and I have learned a few things about marriage. Mostly what not to do. Our perspective on weddings and relationships has shifted a whole lot since the first wedding we shot. You see, we planned a pretty rad wedding. Pinterest would have pee’d it’s pants if it saw our wedding, and we were proud of it!  But we forgot something...well, I forgot something.  A marriage comes after the wedding.  In my (Kappel) humble opinion thats the most important part. Lauren has moved on to pursue her passions of Jewelry, photography and organic skincare and a team of amazing creatives and I are still plugging away with new found passion. A wedding is about marriage and we believe that wedding cinematography should not only capture your wedding, but the heart of your marriage. Because when things get hard it’s not going to be the monogramed napkins that get you through it. It’s going to be reminding yourself who it is your married that and why. Sorry monogramed napkin makers! We love monogrammed napkins!  Let’s do things differently!